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Convergys' Global Training Services provides your organization with the knowledge and skills to guarantee a successful system implementation. We offer a portfolio of training services designed to empower your staff with the information and critical skills to perform their tasks at the highest level of quality, efficiency, and profitability.

Convergys' 20 years of experience and expertise in business support system software and operations allows us to provide superior support, guidance, and materials to help you effectively use our products.

  • Knowledge: We have world-class resources and expertise in billing, employee care, and customer care products and services.
  • Experience: We train an average of 60,000+ contact center agents a year.
  • Adaptability: We have award-winning learning automation capabilities as well as our staff of seasoned trainers for trainer-led sessions.
  • Skills: We have extensive experience designing, developing, and delivering customized training strategies for clients world-wide

Many of the world's leading communication service providers have chosen Convergys' Global Training Services to assist in training and educating their employees to achieve optimal use of their systems.

Why Invest in Training Services?

By engaging Convergys' Global Training Services to assist with your training needs, you gain:

  • An educated and prepared technical staff
    • Faster time to market for new services
    • Optimal product configuration and utilization
    • Knowledgeable and adept end users
  • Improved agent handle time
    • Increased cross-sell / up-sell success
    • Reduced employee attrition
  • Improved return on investment (ROI)

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